Inspiring Success: Our Innovation-driven Stories

We work with leading European companies and pace-makers of Automotive, Software, Telecommunications, and Media within their core areas of IT, Digital, Sales, Finance, Product Development, Production, and Supply Chain, and we are proud to be their trusted partners and execute their routes to success.

Some of our references are anonymized, but our clients are happy to share their experiences and outcomes of working with KI professionals.
Car Data - Driven Marketing

Our team facilitated personalized digital extras, utilizing intelligent engines for recommendations based on driving behavior and consumption. Channels like email, SMS, and push notifications were employed. They aided in defining data points, managing legal aspects, and coordinating market launches while ensuring compliance with stakeholder expectations

Our Role
  • Product Ownership
  • Digital Services
  • Global Rollout
Pricing and Offer Strategy for Automotive Store

Our team partnered with an automotive company to revamp the offer concept and pricing strategy of their digital product features. This involved extensive market studies conducted by external companies, navigating through committee approvals, and effectively communicating complex concepts.

Our Role
  • Offer Concept Development
  • Pricing Strategy Implementation
  • Project Management Support
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Agile After Sales Transformation

In collaboration with an automotive company, KI professionals led the development of the Vehicle Data Store application.
To address new personnel roles, our technical Product Owner bridged the gap between their development team and the new Product Manager. To tackle this challenge, our PO added more structure, enhanced communication, and implemented agile practices.

Our Role
  • Moderating Scrum Events
  • Enhancing Agile Processes.
  • Stakeholder Communication
Improvements to Vehicle Data Store Application

Our Product Owner assisted an automotive company with car data for third-party providers like insurance and charging services. 
Main milestones: high-frequency car data provision and transitioning to a new cloud platform. Expertise and communication skills ensured goal achievement and enhanced team structure.

Our Role
  • Backlog Management
  • Stakeholders Liaison
  • Development Oversight.
Digitalizing Production Processes.

A world’s recognized automotive brand utilized Agile Project Management expertise from our team to digitally optimize production processes. Our "outside-in" Agile viewpoints improved current structures and introduced a non-political approach for launching new ideas.
Our work increased digitalization use cases in multiple plants, boosting efficiencies and optimizing IT infrastructure.

Our Role
  • Agile Optimization Expertise
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Digitalization Efficiency
IT Service Migration and Improvement 

Our Product Owner collaborated with an Automotive Company to enhance and migrate their IT services. The tools utilized Agile Frameworks (e.g. SAFe®) and tools like Jira, Confluence, Miro, Postman, Azure, Swagger, Gitlab, and Splunk for effective migration and service improvement.
The Product Owner's key responsibilities included backend services, preparing for PI Planning and other SAFe® events. A notable challenge was migrating from CloudFoundry to Azure, providing valuable learning opportunities about Azure.

Our Role
  • Service Management
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Stakeholder Liaison
Agile Data Management for Mobile App

Our Telecommunications client improved productivity and transparency with agile and data solutions. By adopting agile methodologies and advanced data management on the Sharepoint Solutions B2B platform, they aimed to create a mobile app for easy employee access. Overcoming expertise and capacity limitations, they implemented an Azure DevOps structure for efficient roadmap and portfolio management.

Our Role
  • Agile Transformation
  • Developer Empowerment
  • Shift to Agility
Transitioning to New Service Provider 

A world’s recognized automotive brand partnered with KI professionals to manage the transition of their old software to a new service provider. Goals and milestones of the project included the introduction of the tool/go-live in the group, further development of the app, and holistic onboarding. Virtual reality (VR) solutions featured prominently in this project.

Our Role
  • Onboarding Processes
  • Group Tool Introduction
  • Security Checks
  • App Development
Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Audits

Our team collaborated with a world renowned automotive company to create an app for faster wholesale inventory audits. To improve operations, we introduced sprint testing, closed old sprints, and implemented new support processes. 
We have successfully launched the new support process and established interface connectivity with various markets. This progress has enabled the client to focus on rollout management, market support, and integrating the quality management system.

Our Role
  • App Testing
  • Rollout Management
  • Market Management
  • Go-Live Support
Enhancing Organizational Skills and Structure

An automotive company aimed to enhance organizational skills, SharePoint usage, presentation abilities, and stakeholder management. KI professionals provided solutions by implementing improved organizational structures, creating better agendas for important events, and optimizing task management using MS Teams. 
Achievements included enhanced to-do management and the successful execution of the first town hall. Our expertise in simplifying processes, lean management, and effective tool utilization played a crucial role in these accomplishments.

Our Role
  • SharePoint Administration
  • Event Coordination
  • Preparation of Strategic Meetings
Streamlining Charging Service Experience & Operations

The project aimed to enhance our automotive customer experience with its Charging Service through process and product optimizations and support concepts. Over 12 months, our team managed card delivery, detected faulty processes, and solved customer problems, resulting in significant improvements in customer satisfaction. This included enhanced delivery rate and times of RFID charging cards, better customer service, and improved invoice processes.

Our Role
  • EV Optimization
  • Delivery & Return
  • Technical Support
  • Charging Process
Bridging Two Automotive Ecosystems

KI professionals joined forces with an automotive company, to help them integrate backend systems into a larger ecosystem, aiming to enhance electric vehicle experiences. This partnership aligns with broader electrification efforts and includes the development of digital products such as charging and connectivity applications.

Our Role
  • Product Designer
  • Integration Manager
  • Preparation of Strategic Meetings
Agile Transformation for Innovation Management

KI professionals provided a world renowned automotive company with project management expertise in innovation management for financial and legal technology solutions. We led classic project management tasks, ranging from skills workshops, research, and communications initiatives to embed agile innovation management within the organization.

Our Role
  • Project Management
  • Agile Innovation
  • Automotive Expertise
Transparency and Efficiency in Data Management

KI professionals collaborated with our automotive industry costumer to enhance data management and digitization processes for sea and air freight planning. The project focuses on achieving greater transparency, efficient data handling, and automating monthly market data analysis. The ongoing collaboration has already improved stakeholder cooperation, communication, and data automation.

Our Role
  • Collaboration Facilitation
  • Data Management Enhancement
  • Digitization Optimization
PI Planning Optimization​

A leading automotive company has partnered with us to optimize their PI planning. Our dedicated SAFe© Advanced Scrum Master facilitates collaboration, addresses challenges, and improves workflow efficiency. Key achievements include enhancing ART's performance, streamlining, documentation, and refining reporting structures. Early results demonstrate measurable improvements, reflecting our commitment to excellence and effective communication.

Our Role
  • Collaboration Facilitation
  • Technical Support
  • Agile Optimization Expertise
Enabling an omni-channel evolution with SAFe©

A pharmaceutical ccompany , collaborated with our SAFe© Product Owner and Scrum Master to lead the transformation of three Shops toward an omni-channel model within the SAFe© framework. Our Agile Release Train, comprised of up to 12 teams, shaped the company into a premier pharmacy accessible at all times. Our Product Owner optimized processes for customer acquisition, payment gateways, and fulfillment, laying a strong foundation for our omni-channel journey.

Our Role
  • Agile Optimization Expertise
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Product Execution
Agile Data Management for Mobile App Transformation

Our Certified Scrum Master collaborated with a telecommunications company to transform their CuFi processes, focusing on customer onboarding. They optimized operations, addressing credit checks, fraud prevention, billing, and revenue assurance. This drive for improvement extended to broader digital transformation efforts, with results confidently presented to management, reinforcing positive change of the client's processes.

Our Role
  • CuFi Operations Optimization.
  • Customer Onboarding Enhancement.
  • Digital Transformation.
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